Lebanese Clerics: Erdoğan is accountable for killing Syrians



Lebanon’s International Union of Resistance Scholars has issued a statement in regard to the failed coup d’état in Turkey in which they stated that Turkey is of great importance in the Arab and Muslim world.
The group of Sunni and Shi’a clerics and scholars said that regardless of their agreement or disagreement with the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in both Turkey and the region, the failure of the coup is a positive outcome because coups bring chaos, which has been seen in some Arab countries.

“While the overthrow or improvement of these governments or their leaders was awaited, we witnessed disaster and destruction and chaos in these countries,” they said.

They said that they respect the majority vote of the people on the basis of democracy or consultation in the quest for power and believe that this coup will not solve the problems of the country and people.

The International Union of Resistance Scholars called on President Erdoğan to reconsider his position on Syria and added that he is largely responsibility for the destruction, chaos and death in Syria through his support, transferal of weapons and opening the borders to terrorist forces and for holding talks with opponents of the Syrian government.

They added that it is possible that we can consider these actions as the first part of an attempt to cleanse the political field or wrong judgement but we insist that after five years of war against the Syrian people, this issue cannot be easily overlooked or be considered a blessing for this world or the hereafter.

The group of Lebanese scholars added that although they respect Erdoğan’s Islamic and domestic economic achievements, the duty of an Islamic state is to prepare Islamic nations to fight the Zionists and to support the Islamic Resistance in various ways and to support anti-imperialist policies.

“Unfortunately, this issue has not been seen in any of Erdoğan’s policies which stems from his inability to resist the influence of the United States in the region and/or not understanding the duties of an Islamic ruler,” they said.

The International Union of Resistance Scholars stressed that Muslims must pay attention to the mission of the religion of Islam and said the Erdoğan’s supporters present unacceptable justifications to improve and expand relations with Israel and they can never show the errors of the supporters of the Islamic Resistance which indicates their double standards.

The Union said the performance of the armed groups in Syria and worthless identification of human lives is a shameful stain on the foreheads of contemporary Islamic missionaries which the actions of terrorists in Syria have considered permissible but they condemn similar crimes in other countries.

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