Lebanese Hezbollah Smashes ISIL Terrorists near Border with Syria



Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement, in a powerful ambush operation against the ISIL in Jaroud Qa’a region of Becca province, inflicted major casualties on the Takfiri terrorists.

Hezbollah’s ambush was carried out the Zeitouni valley in the Baalbek Highlands near Jaroud Qa’a and the Syrian border-crossing at al-Qusayr.

Several members of the ISIL were killed or wounded and their military hardware were also damaged seriously in the attacks.

Late in June, Hezbollah, in an ambush operation, targeted the al-Nusra Front’s gatherings in the Eastern part of the country near the border with Syria, inflicting a heavy death toll on the terrorists.

Hezbollah ambushed al-Nusra convoy along the road to the al-Khayl valley in Jaroud Arsal region of the Becca province, using an ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) from a nearby hilltop.

The ambush resulted in the death of several al-Nusra militants, including several Syrian national fighters.

The al-Khayl valley is considered a very dangerous route to take when traveling to Syria; however, the terrorists have no choice but to use this path because they lost Jaroud Faleeta in rural Damascus.

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