Lebanese, Palestinian parties praise Iran’s role in regional developments

A group of Lebanese and Palestinian youths on Saturday thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for significant role in rendering political and spiritual support for resistance movement during Gaza war.

According to IRNA, about 20 youths representing the Lebanese and Palestinian parties met with Iran’s Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi to express gratitude to Iranian nation and government for moral support in their confrontation with the enemies.
They said that Iran’s assistance to help resolve the Syrian crisis through peaceful means indicates the wisdom and rationality of Iranian nation and government, calling on Iran to put the issue of Palestine fighting to end Zionist regime’s occupation of Palestinian territories on its agenda.
“They said that the resistance was successful in various conflicts such as eight day war in Gaza and believes that resistance in the future will gain significant achievements.
The Iranian ambassador, for his part, expressed pleasure with the meeting and highlighted Iran’s stand vis-a-vis the sensitive developments in the Middle East and victory of resistance movement in confrontation with global arrogance and international Zionists.
He hoped that the world Muslims would establish democracy based on Islamic teachings in order to prevent the enemies from spoiling their democratic achievements.

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