Lebanese pres. warns against outbreak of int’l war in Syria


Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Sunday warned against eruption of an international war in Syria.

Addressing a meeting of Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia following US-led strike on Syira, he added that instability threatens most of the regional states and terrorism moves from one country to another, taking heavy tolls.

Most of the countries’ children have abandoned their hometowns in search of security and loaf of bread around the world, he said.

Referring to Syria’s fight against terrorist groups, he said that if the terrorists had not been subdued Lebanon should have continued to suffer from repercussions of the crisis.

Aoun also pointed to the problems emanating from presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, saying that his country due to geographical proximity to Syria faces a large number of displaced people, which outweighs its capacity.

Condemning repeated aggressions of the Zionist regime against Syrian borderline, he said that Israeli aggressions against sovereignty of Lebanon, violation of Resolution 1701 and using Lebanon’s airspace for attacking Syria are still going on.

As to the issue of Palestine, he contended that the situation facing Palestine is the major reason behind instability in the Middle East.

Stressing the need for unity among Muslim nations, Aoun said that Lebanon opposes racism and unilateralism. Lebanon is an example of peaceful coexistence despite housing different ethnic and religious groups.

The 29th Arab League Summit ended in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with a statement on Sunday.

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