Lebanon-bound Iranian fuel ship enters Syrian territorial waters: Al-Akhbar

An Iranian ship carrying fuel for crisis-hit Lebanon has entered Syria’s territorial waters, the Beirut-based al-Akhbar daily reports.

The daily reported Thursday that the ship would unload the fuel cargo at a Syrian port, from where it would be transferred to Lebanon via tankers.

Informed sources said two other Iranian ships will deliver their fuel to Lebanon through the same mechanism, adding that the fourth vessel will probably depart Iran soon.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Arabic-language al-Alam news network reported that the Iranian fuel tanker, which had entered Syrian waters on Wednesday night, would dock in Baniyas port sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Lebanon has been mired since late 2019 in a deep financial crisis that has caused the Lebanese pound to lose around 90 percent of its value to the dollar.

Severe fuel shortages and wide-scale power cuts have paralyzed the country, which is also grappling with a political deadlock.

The US has exacerbated the crisis by imposing a siege on Lebanon in a bid to force the formation of a Western-friendly administration there.

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