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Lebanon clerics review regional developments

Beirut – Taqrib News Agency (TNA) – “Vulnerable peoples of the earth should rise and face the USA openly and directly,” as the Friday sermons called, after America’s great loss by the refusal of the Iraqi position of economic sanctions on Syria and to be initiator to deal with the repercussions of the Syrian crisis as a whole.

“USA went to the terrorist massacres and bombings in Baghdad,” noted this Friday speakers in Lebanon.

They also touched upon naval exercises that Iran wants to do in the Persian Gulf, a deterrent message to those who are plotting for seperation projects and assaults.

As the speakers wished peace, tranquility and bliss of living in the world, they alco congratulated and blessed the birth of Jesus (PBUH), asking God to make this year anniversary, suitable for the embodiment of love and cooperation in righteousness and true partnership among the Lebanese.

As far as Iraq is concerned, prominent Lebanese cleric sayyed Ali Fadlallah called the Iraqi officials to have the awareness and the seriousness of what was planned by the occupation and carry out their responsibilities to prevent Iraq from sliding in to the atmosphere of discord because it will burn the country.

Meanwhile, the head of the legitimacy council of Hezbollah, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek in his turn said the terrorist massacres a retaliation against the people who aspire for freedom and stability, and assured that the American terrorism was behind what happened to hit the unity of the people and the country.

Sheikh Afif Nabulsi also in his sermon pointed out that the U.S. military came out from Iraq humiliated in his pride, also stressed that the Iraqi situation is sensitive and complex as the situation in the Persian Gulf and Bahrain in particular and called the vulnerable peoples to face discord and destruction of the United States openly and directly.

On Syria, Sayyed Fadlallah hoped that Syria’s signature on the Arab League protocol, will mark the beginning of calm that can evolve toward an agreement sponsored by the Arab League through the launch of the dialogue between the opposition and the regime, after “we were afraid of the AL to be a tool to complicate matters in preparation for the internationalization of the crisis.”

Sheikh Yazbek, for his part wished to maintain a strong Syrian state that supports the Palestinian cause and to have a dialogue in which meet everyone, to achieve the aspirations and stop the bleeding of the Syrian people and cut the way on the conspirators against the unity of Syria and its glory and power.

On Palestine, Friday prayer leaders in Lebanon since the Palestine issue combines the Arabs and Muslims and all liberals of the world, Yazbek called to redress the oppressed people, who is suffering massacres, killings, displacement and changing of his identity, stressing that the “zionist israeli” enemy a source of worry for the region and working within the U.S-Zioniste project.

He declared that visit of the president of South Sudan to Palestine is to show thanks and gratitude to the ‘zionist israeli” enemy, who helped in the separation of the Sudan.

As for Sayyed Fadlallah, he stressed not to turn the gun and the position but against the Zionist enemy , because it is the problem and not the power of this or that country of the Arab and Islamic world.

He pointed out that the enemy decided to build more than a thousand new housing units for the settlers in Quds, that is calling the conscience of Arab and Islamic countries.

Fadlallah also congratulated Hamas for its in victory and success in the launch of the second batch of Palestinian prisoners from the hands of the enemy.

In his turn, Vice President of Lebanese Higher Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan stressed that our only enemy is “zionist israel” that threatens us, build settlements and fight the Palestinian people, calling to move away from the vanity and arrogance and open our hearts to each other and extend our hands to cooperate, especially that the Arab countries live a deplorable state of anxiety and confusion and collapse.

On Egypt, Sayyed Ali Fadlalah called the Egyptian people, who returned to the cycle of violence, in to a greater awareness to keep the results of the revolution and its gains, so it will not be lost in the midst of the chaos that is intended to Egypt to sink in it.

Regarding the situaion in Lebanon, Sheikh Ahmed Kabalan called to stop the debates and to put an end to the policy of challenge and look how to ease the tensions of sectarianism away from the cheap goals, adding that “the country is in need of everyone, and this government with all its components and political parties should work jointly, especially at this stage, where there is no excuse for anyone to be outside the national framework that achieves the lebanese harmony to keep Lebanon strong in the face of the challenges and the zionist plots in particular, and to be able to promote the re-entrenchment of the spirit of harmony and dedication formula of living together.

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