Lebanon vows to defend territorial waters after Greek ship violation

The Lebanese President Michel ‘Aoun received on Tuesday, the commander of the international forces in the south, General Stefano Del Cole, at the Ba’abda Palace.

During the meeting, ‘Aoun asked Del Cole to investigate the reasons for the breach of a Greek oil exploration ship working for the Israeli Army in Lebanese territorial waters and why it remained there for seven hours, the president’s office reported on Tuesday.

Aoun said: “Lebanon rejects any infringement of its legitimate rights within its territorial waters.”

The Lebanese President considered that “the Israeli naval violations of Lebanese sovereignty are no less dangerous than the land and air violations that Israel continues to carry out.”

He also indicated that “Lebanon is keen to activate the existing cooperation between the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL forces in order to maintain stability and address the issues raised through dialogue and coordination, appreciating the efforts made by the international leadership in order to maintain stability along the Blue Line, and reaffirming its commitment to Lebanon by Resolution 1701.

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