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Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun leaves office amid crisis

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Sunday departed the presidential palace a day before the end of his term, leaving the country in a presidential vacuum amid a steep financial crisis.

Addressing his supporters outside the Baabda presidential palace in Beirut on Sunday, the 89-year-old leader, who took office in 2016, said the Middle East country was entering a new “chapter which requires huge efforts,” according to Aljazeera.

“Without these efforts, we cannot put an end to our suffering. We cannot bring our country back on its feet. We cannot salvage Lebanon out of this deep pit,” he said in front of cheering supporters, leaving a day earlier than when his mandate ends.

Lebanon’s parliament has so far been unable to agree on who would take over the role – which has the power to sign bills into law, appoint new prime ministers and greenlight government formations before they are voted on by parliament.

Lebanon has been governed by a caretaker cabinet as the prime minister-designate, Najib Mikati has been trying for six months to form a government.

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