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Libyan Army claims 13 Turkish drones shot down in 72 hours

The Libyan Nation Army (LNA) have made major shifts in the fighting axes during the past 72 hours,” said LNA spokesman, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, on Sunday.

In a press conference, Al-Mismari confirmed that “the air defense forces managed to shoot down more than 13 Turkish drones.”

He added, “The Air Force began to regain full sovereignty over several Libyan regions,” stressing that “reports of withdrawals carried out by the Libyan National Army are incorrect, but rather re-positioned within military plans.”

Libya suffers from a sharp division in state institutions between the east, which is run by the National Assembly and the National Army, and between the west, where the Presidential Council of the Al-Wefaq government is headed by Fayiz al-Sarraj.

Since April 4 of last year, the Libyan capital, Tripoli and its surroundings, has witnessed constant clashes between the Libyan National Army and Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA).

These clashes have culminated into major battles for several areas across the northwestern part of the country.

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