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Londoners censure Bahrain’s brutality

Londoners have stage a demonstration to voice their solidarity with the oppressed people of Bahrain, where Saudi-backed al-Khalifa regime launched a brutal crackdown on peaceful anti-regime protests.

Around 1,000 people protested in London on Saturday and expressed their support for the people of Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, where revolution after revolution are bringing down Western-backed dictators.

Maryam al-Kharaja told PressTV correspondent in London about the ongoing anti-regime protests in Bahrain, despite brutal repression.

“My father was beaten unconscious, arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment,” she said.

“My mother was fired from her job. And my family’s situation is the same as hundreds of families in Bahrain”, Maryam added.

“But Western governments and their media never talk about Bahrain. For them, Bahrain is the inconvenient revolution”, she added.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence had earlier admitted that members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard sent into Bahrain to crush dissent may have received military training from the British Armed Forces in Saudi Arabia.

“We’re hoping [the UK government] to put pressure on to the Bahraini government to show them that the Bahraini people in Britain and their many supporters, are utterly outraged and disgusted at their behaviour”, said Chris Nineham, national organiser for Stop the War Coalition.

“The fact they are shooting unarmed civilians in the street and they have called in a foreign army to repress and attack their own people is completely unacceptable”, he added.

“We’re also here to send a message to the British government, that it is a complete travesty that they are backing these dictators and makes an utter mockery of any notion that Britain stands in favour of liberation and democracy”, said Nineham.

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