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Londoners slam UK inaction over knife crime

As 2019 comes to an end, the death toll from London’s knife crime epidemic threatens to surpass 2018’s, which was the highest in a decade.

Last year, at least 141 people were killed. So far this year, 134 have lost their lives to homicide, and that includes the two London Bridge victims.

Family and friends of 20-year-old Tashan Daniel stabbed to death in Uxbridge in September 19 were among the protesters. Tashan’s aunt says her sister cannot function since she lost her son.

Scotland Yard recently announced the creation of an online squad that uses drill music videos as well as posts and coded “chatter” across Snapchat and Instagram to predict and prevent gang violence.

The officers, some of whom grew up in the most challenging parts of London, are familiar with the language young people dealing in drugs and weapons online use.

It remains to be seen whether this will reduce stabbing incidents. In 2018, the independent reported that police are failing to solve 63 per cent of knife crimes committed against under-25s.

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