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Major Gen. Suleimani: Iran Won’t Give in to US Pressure

IRGC Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem SUleimani said that the United States aims to draw Iran to the negotiation table with increased economic pressure, but the Iranian nation will not give in.

He made the remarks Monday on the second day of the nationwide conference of Iranian Police commanders and managers in Tehran, Mehr news agency reported.

“The enemy wants to draw us to the negotiating table by imposing economic pressure. This kind of negotiation is just as good as giving in, but our people are vigilant and smart and believe that negotiating with the enemy in the current situation is a clear act of surrendering. We certainly will not bow to this ignominy,” he said

“Today, the US and its allies resort to relying on illegitimate governments in the region,” he said, adding that Iran’s military has “reached maturity.”

“The more the enemies threaten Iran, the more costs they will have to pay,” Gen. Suleimani highlighted.

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