Mass celebrations for Gaza victory in Mauritania, Morocco

images_News_2014_08_28_mauritania_300_0The Student Initiative against Zionism in Mauritania has organized Wednesday night a sit-in in celebration of Gaza victory over the Israeli war machine.

Head of the Student Initiative Habib Allah Weld Agah hailed during his speech the Palestinian resistance for its steadfastness along more than 50 days.

Despite the massive destruction throughout Gaza Strip, Palestinian resistance factions topped by Qassam Brigades have managed to achieve victory, he said, considering the free people who showed support for Palestinian people during the aggression as a partner in this victory.

The Palestinian resistance has made a legendary victory despite the conspiracy of those who were supposed to be behind Palestinian people, he added in reference to Arab leaders.

Dozens of supporters participated in the sit-in chanting slogans in support of Hamas and resistance.

Along the same line, the Moroccan Commission to support the nation’s causes called on civil society institutions and organizations to participate in the celebrations organized over Gaza victory.

Thanks to Allah, the Palestinian steadfastness and the free people, Palestinian resistance has achieved a legendary victory after 51 days of Israeli aggression amid suspicious international silence, according to the statement.

“Palestinian resistance broke the image of the Israeli invincible army, as dozens of Israeli soldiers were either killed or injured or captured.”

The commission praised the Palestinian people’s heroic sacrifices during the aggression and the Palestinian resistance’s fortitude.

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