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Military Investigative Judge, Fadi Sawwan, Releases Eight “Lebanese Forces” Culprits in Tayouneh Massacre: Al-Akhbar

The Military Investigative Judge, Fadi Sawwan, decided to follow an unclear path in the case of Tayouneh massacre, as he decided to release eight “Lebanese Forces” culprits, according to Al-Akhbar Newspaper.

Al-Akhbar indicated that Sawwan included the name of one of the members of the Internal Security Forces, who abandoned his duty and joined the criminals on the day of the crime, in the list of the released.

Judge Sawwan also released four “Lebanese Forces” members despite that they had confessed they were tasked by their leaders to monitor one of the centers of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Duhur Shweir in anticipation of a possible escalation.

Al-Akhbar sources added that Sawwan will disregard interrogating the head of the “Lebanese Forces” militia, Samir Geagea, as a witness. In this regard, the security official at Geagea residence, Simon Msallem, has rejected to testify at the court, which prevents the judge from determining the truth about Geagea’s involvement in the massacre.

On October 14, 2021, seven martyrs and around 30 injured were reported during the armed attack carried out by the “Lebanese Forces” militiamen on peaceful protestors in Tayouneh area. The protesters were demonstrating against the politicized decisions of the judicial investigator into Beirut blast, Tarek Al-Bitar.

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