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Millions Mark Ashura across World

Two million pilgrims mass in Karbala for Ashura

Millions took to streets across world on Thursday marking the tenth day of Muharram, the day when Imam Hussein (pbuh) was martyred more than 14 centuries ago.

In Lebanon, thousands commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, as they took part in Ashura marches across the countrAshura procession (archive)y.

A massive procession took place in Beirut’s southern suburb, where Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah joined crowds marking Ashura and delivered a speech live at Ar-Raya stadium.

In Iraq, millions throng Karabala and Najaf holy cities to mark Ashura despite the security threats by extremists.

Iraqi interior ministry said that 42,000 Arab and foreign pilgrims enter Karbala for Ashura commemoration.

Meanwhile in Iran, millions took to streets in Tehran and several other provinces to mark the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh) the year 61 AH of the Islamic calendar.

Also in Yemen, thousands participated in Ashura march in Saada, south, where Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi delivered a speech addressing crowds.

Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and 72 of his loyal companions, were martyred on Ashura in an unequal battle in Karbala against the army of second Umayyad caliph, Yazid I.

Imam Hussein was killed because he refused to pledge allegiance to the tyrant Umayyad ruler.

The annual Muharram ceremonies, which have been performed for many centuries, symbolize the eternal and unwavering stance of truth against falsehood and humanity’s struggle against injustice, tyranny and oppression, the cause for which Imam Hussein was martyred.

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