Mishaal: Hamas is keen on the Palestinian unity at home and abroad

Head of Hamas’s foreign political bureau Khaled Mishaal has reiterated his Movement’s keenness on the unity of the Palestinian people at home and abroad.

During a meeting with religious figures in Beirut on Saturday, Mishaal stressed that the Palestinian presence in Lebanon should be a factor of security and stability and not a source of tension and fighting.

The Hamas leader said that the killing of three Hamas members in al-Burj esh-Shemali refugee camp in southern Nablus was “a treacherous and painful crime,” affirming that the leadership of his Movement worked on containing any escalation following the incident to protect the security of the camps and the stability of the Lebanese situation.

In another context, Mishaal called on the Arab and Islamic nations to participate in the Palestinian liberation battle, warning that “the Israeli occupation state is posing a threat to everyone.”

“We used to say in the past that the Ummah (nation) has a supportive role, then we talked about partnership as an additional step, but today there is a third step, which is the participation in the battle,” he said, expressing his confidence that the Palestinian conflict with the occupation state almost came  to an end.

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