Mishaal: Our Palestinian cause is bigger than our differences

images_News_2014_09_08_Mishaal-0_300_0Head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal said “the Palestinian cause is bigger than any factional disagreements and mutual recriminations between the Palestinian rivals.”

Mishaal made his remarks during a festival held to celebrate the Gaza victory in the Lebanese district of Sidon in response to the scathing attack which Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas had launched recently on the Hamas Movement in Cairo.

“I call upon myself, and all leaders and factions to live up to the Gaza battle and the Palestinian cause and rise above any sterile arguments and accusations,” the Hamas political leader stated.

“Instead of going back to the pages of division, tongue-lashing and media accusations, we have to swiftly complete all files of the reconciliation, organize our house and unite our ranks in order to achieve the unity of the leadership, the institutions and the decision-making,” Mishaal added.

The Hamas official also said that the last Gaza battle had great and positive impacts on the Palestinian cause and must be remembered as part of the national struggle to liberate Palestine from the occupation.

He called for pooling the national efforts to provide urgent assistance to the population in Gaza, reconstruct their homes, relieve their griefs and help them to restore all aspects of their life.

“The Gaza people must find some reward. What they have done is greater than any support and it is an honor to remove their pains because they have created this victory,” he stressed.

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