Mishaal: The ceasefire negotiations model for how to manage battles

Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal said that the negotiation that took place during the last eight days concerning the truce in Gaza is “a model for how to manage military and political battles.”

Mishaal told the Turkish Anadolu news agency in Cairo one day after reaching the truce agreement between the Palestinian factions and Israel that to liberate the land and Jerusalem and to regain the right of return and all other Palestinian rights require having “real power cards.”

The Palestinian leader stressed that “whoever imagines that the restoration of Palestine and Jerusalem will be achieved only through the negotiation process is mistaken”

He emphasized the importance of the Arab, Islamic and the world support and for resistance as the only strategic way to regain the land and the rights.

Regarding the Palestinian reconciliation, Mishaal pointed out that he will soon arrange for meetings to restore national unity between Hamas and Fatah under Egyptian auspices.

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