Mishaal: There is a huge difference between resistance and terrorism


Palestinians’ fight for freedom is not limited to the besieged Gaza Strip and nobody shall ever pull out Jerusalem and the West Bank from the grips of the Palestinian resistance, political bureau head of Hamas, Khaled Mishaal, said, adding: “There is a huge difference between resistance and terrorism.”

Addressing an audience during a ceremony held by the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) in Qatar on Sunday afternoon, Mishaal hailed the Palestinian resistance, declaring: “Despite of the complicated state of affairs and security coordination, the West Bank will remain a burning fire against the Israeli invaders.”

According to Mishaal, those who have made guns and rockets out of stones are competent enough to overcome all obstacles lying in store.

“Resistance is our right and duty. Nobody shall ever appropriate such a sacred right,” he warned.

Moving on to national unity, Mishaal’s speech propped up the “unity in diversity” motto, underscoring: “Hamas is keen on promoting national welfare rather than personal or partisan agendas.”

“The Palestinian reconciliation process stipulates the unconditional execution of all reconciliation accords. We will not tolerate any disregard for any of the tabled files,” he warned, adding: “Our resistance weapon shall never be laid up for discussion. Neither should it be a bone of contention between the Palestinian factions. It targets the Israeli colonizer only. We will not accept any procrastination or cancellation of any single bond of the reconciliation accord.”

Mishaal urged the Muslim leaders and peoples to back up Gaza’s reconstruction project and rehabilitate what has been damaged by the Israeli occupation.

He further confirmed that Hamas adopts a moderate approach to Islam and an open-minded political vision.

“Hamas does not engage into battles on a religious or ethnic basis. We rather believe in the cross-cultural dialogue…. Hamas does not tolerate occupation and aggression. There is a huge difference between resistance and terrorism,” Mishaal proceeded.

“As soon as the Israeli offensive on Gaza laid down its arms, the nation has rejoiced at Gaza’s and the resistance’s victory. This is a gift from God. We are moving at a steady pace. Our resistance has proved that it is up to our expectations and that its ordnance is sophisticated enough to overthrow the enemy,” Mishaal said as he acclaimed UIMS’s calls to uphold armed resistance.

“We shall never give up even a single inch of our occupied Palestinian soil. Israel might represent “something” for some people; for us it means nothing,” Hamas leader confirmed.

In Mishaal’s view, the achievements of the Palestinian resistance are reminders of the miracles of Quran embodied in the verse: “… And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war.”

“Jerusalem is the nucleus of Palestinians’ fight for freedom,” the speech went on.

According to Mishaal, the Israeli occupation not only cordoned off Jerusalem and tightened grips on its Palestinian natives, but it has also strived to deal a blow at the very Islamic character and spirit of the city via Judaization schemes.

“Jerusalem dwells deep in our hearts. I wish that it would mark each and every occasion, each and every sermon, and each and every celebration,” he pleaded.

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