Missile power improvement ‘nonnegotiable’



Former IRGC commander has reaffirmed that no negotiation would ever be possible over Iran’s missile program.

Secretary of Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei has posted a note on his account on social networks where he has asserted that improvement of missile power of the country has never been and will never be subject to negotiation.

Rezaei in his post writes that three kinds of talks have existed in international relations through history; “first, dialogue based on mutual cooperation, like Iran-China relations in reviving the Silk Road. Second, talks in competitive atmosphere, like relations between Iran and Turkey over Syria and position of Mr. Assad,” writes he. “Third, talks amid hostility, like Iran-US negotiations over US embassy spies or nuclear issue.”

“In first case, dialogue is based on interaction; in second case, in issues like Syrian crisis, one must insist on its stance during negotiations; and in third, due to hostility between two sides, negotiation objective is prevention of malevolence and in missile issue the United States wants to disarm us; and thus there are no grounds for talks.”

The message continues that in first type of talks, mutual understanding and profit, and in second type, accurate stance are effective. But in case of US and missile capability, self-defense is not and will never be negotiable. “Iranian missiles are for deterrence and losing them will result in aggression against us; therefore, all must know that we will never accept disarmament,” concludes former IRGC top official Mohsen Rezaei’s post.

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