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More Civilian Corpses Discovered in Raqqa after Satanic US Attacks

Several new corpses of civilians killed in the US airstrikes on Raqqa were found one year after Washington and its affiliated militants occupied the city.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news channel reported on Wednesday that the dead bodies of over 15 people were unearthed from the rubbles of a building in al-Saknah district of Raqqa city.

It added that they belonged to the civilians who were attacked by the US fighter jets when the city was under the control of the ISIL terrorist group.

A Russian media outlet reported earlier this month that more than 1,500 victims killed in the US air raids and its allied militants were buried in the largest mass grave in Raqqa city in Northeastern Syria.

The Arabic-language website of Russia’s state news agency, RT, reported that the largest mass grave of civilians is in Panorama in Raqqa city with over 1,500 bodies of victims killed in the US air raids or in the Washington-backed militants’ attacks when the city was under ISIL’s rule.

In the meantime, the Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that Raqqa Civil Team has thus far discovered 11 mass graves, adding that excavations had completed in 8 mass graves.

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