Moscow Insists S-300 Prevents Intervention in Syria, Zionists Warn

Moscow Insists S-300 Prevents Intervention in Syria, Zionists Warn

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkhov said “that supplying Syria with the air defense systems S-300 maintains stability and prevents the intervention of the foreign forces in the Syrian crisis.”

He added that providing Syria with “S-300” is in accordance with an official Russian-Syrian contract signed 5 years ago.

“These rockets cannot be used by the militants in the battlefield,” Ryabkhov clarified.

In response, the Zionist Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon warned “that if Russia delivers the air defense systems (S-300) to Syria, we (the Zionist entity) know how to act.”

“Shipping the weapons has not took place yet, and I hope it won’t. But if it occurs, we know how to act,” he added.

The Zionist Army Radio reported on Tuesday that Yaalon alluded in his statement to the possibility of launching new Zionist air raids against Syria.

In another context, Ryabkov considered that the Syrian opposition’s unwillingness to send a high-level delegation to the Conference on “Geneva 2” “threatens the prospects for holding this conference.”

“The main task now is to determine the members of the opposition delegation that must be sustained with sufficient powers to conduct discussions without preconditions,” the Russian official said.

Ryabkov expressed beliefs that achieving this goal is still possible, but “requires that the parties who have influence on the Syrian opposition intensify work with them.”

“Among these parties are the United States and the European Union who must be also involved in this incident, along with the Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are still approaching the Syrian crisis in a negative way,” the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister added.

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