Mossad agents brain washed me

Majid Jamal Fashi, a Mossad operative and assassin of IRI nuclear scientist revealed Sunday that Zionists had brain washed him by offers of money and post in such a way that he thought he was savior of world before his murderous act.

Fashi who assassinated top Iranian nuclear physicist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi in January 2011 told IRIB minutes before execution Tuesday that the path he took ended up in frustration.

Fashi said his mind “was deviated by foreign media’s empty words” which made him a dissident of the Islamic Republic and prompted him to leaver the country. He said Zionist agents, having found him as an avid seeker of money and reputation, built on his weak points and gradually turned him into a murderer and traitor.

Asked about his trainings in Israel, Fashi said the Zionists replicated the scene of assassination for him in ‘Israel’ as if it was a verified copy of the original. He said even the color of house door and mosaics of alleway floor were the same as in Iran.

“They only told me he (Ali-Mohammadi) was making atomic bomb and stands a threat to humanity,” Fashi said, adding that they brain washed him to the extent he thought he was a savior of the Earth.

“They even called the highly strong bomb by which to kill Ali-Mohamadi a technological advance,” the assassin said.

Fashi revealed that the one who first absorbed him and had him join Mossad was later killed by Mossad as his mission was over.

Fashi said following his murderous act he felt proud until reaching home however when he saw in television whom he had assassinated, he realized that all Israeli claims were false.

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