Most Germans back Grass’ criticism of Israel

Most Germans support Nobel Prize winner Guenter Grass for his fierce criticism of the Zionist regime, according to a survey released Thursday by the German-edition of Financial Times (FTD).

Some 57 percent of the respondents said Grass’ outspoken criticism of Israel was justified.

The 84-year-old Grass made international headlines for daring to say Israel and its
military nuclear program were the biggest danger to international peace.

Meanwhile, some 27 percent of those questioned said Grass’ views on the threat of the Zionist regime were debatable, four percent branded it ‘anti-Semitic’ and 12 percent called it ‘dangerous and crazy.’

The latest opinion poll comes only days after thousands of people took to the streets in 80 German cities over the Easter holiday weekend as part of the country’s
traditional Easter peace marches to express support for the 1999 Nobel literature laureate who has faced the wrath of the Zionist regime and its German lobby for his unprecedented criticism of Israel.

Germany’s most prominent contemporary writer, Grass is widely regarded as a living literary legend but also a moral authority in the country.

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