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Muslim unity threatens Arab monarchies


Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, human rights activist, Washington, about the increased number of bombings across the Middle East.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Bombings in several countries in one day. What could this mean?

Short: I would think it’s an increased effort to destabilize the various societies. You know, if you look at Iraq there has been an effort by the Head of State there, Prime Minister Maliki to try to assert control and yet the Kurds are being supported by external forces to try to weaken Iraq.

There’s a desire to make Pakistan a smaller state breaking certain parts off – making Baluchistan a state – I’ve seen maps where people would like to do that.

And of course for Afghanistan you have an illegal and brutal occupation, you have a lot of people being killed by both occupation forces as well people’s resistance and for all we know these could be false flags, which justify the continuation.

If you recall this week there’s been a lot of apprehension about the fact it seems the American occupation of Afghanistan is going to be prolonged indefinitely.

So if you can show that the government there or whoever isn’t able to keep control then it justifies a continued presence of these external forces occupying the country and terrorizing the people.

Press TV: What impact could this have on Muslim unity and solidarity in general?

Short: Well, it’s questionable. You’ve got the Wahhabi-led Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular and other monarchies that don’t seem to really want Muslim unity; they seem to want their small percentage to continue to have a disproportionate amount of money.

They work with Israel, the United States and NATO against their Muslim brothers and sisters. So I think that division is a lot of money for them, why would they want to give this up?

So the question will be, when will the real Ummah… stand up and perhaps challenge these forces that claim to be Muslim and claim to represent the prophet (peace be upon him). But you don’t see it.

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