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Muslims should be united against Israel

One of the prominent Islamic scholar condemned massacres in Palestine perpetrated by the regime of Zionist Slaughterer Israel urging people to be united against the regime.
“Muslims should be united against arrogant powers such as the regime of Israel and the U.S,” said the Islamic scholar Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Gorgani.

Ayatollah Gorgani urged Muslims not to be reticent against the regime of Zionism and said,” All Muslims should be united against the regime of Israel and stand aginst massacres committed by this regime. “

The grand Ayatollah lashed out at the Israeli officials and warned them of Muslims’ anger in the near future.

“We are cognizant of the plots concocted by the U.S and Israel, and both of which we have known for years,” said the senior cleric.

Ayatollah Gorgani underscored the role of unity among Muslims and said,” if Muslims focused on unity and proximity, effective result can be reaped.”

“It is disappointing to see Muslims are divided on account of minor issues,” said the Islamic scholar.

Ayatollah Gorgani urged all Muslims to protect and help innocent Palestinian people in Gaza and said ,”thought unity Muslims give each other voice and their sound can be heard in the world.”

The grand Ayatollah pointed to effect of unity in spreading the Islamic awakening in Muslim World and said, “Islamic awakening we observe in Muslim countries spread on account of proximity among Muslims, so we should give more attention to this important issue.”

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