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N Korea urged not to test more nukes

The US has urged North Korea not to test any more missiles ahead of possible talks over the country’s nuclear program, US envoy Stephen Bosworth says.

“I urged them not to do any more of that sort of thing,” Bosworth said on Wednesday when asked whether there was the potential for a third nuclear weapons test by Pyongyang.

North Korea conducted its second plutonium-based nuclear test in May in defiance of calls by the international community.

The US special envoy, who visited North Korea last week for talks with the Pyongyang officials, told reporters that the North agreed that its uranium enrichment work would be part of any resumed nuclear talks.

“They agreed that the subject of a uranium enrichment program is now on the agenda when we resume talks,” Bosworth said.

He added that Washington is consulting with its partners China, South Korea, Russia and Japan about reviving the six-party talks.

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