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NAM urges US to end sanctions against Cuba

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During the session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Iran’s UN envoy and NAM representative Hossein Dehqani called on US to correct its failed sanction policy in regard to Cuba.
During the 23rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Iran’s UN envoy Hossein Dehqani, as a representative of 120 members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) delivered a speech on maintaining international peace and security and the necessity of ending financial and trade sanctions against Cuba.

“Today we came here to express our support and solidarity with the government and people of Cuba and to condemn the US sanctions on this country,” he stated, “and last year, we saw that this request was passed by an affirmative vote of 188 out of the total 193 members of the United Nations.”

“NAM has always expressed its strong disapproval of unilateral repressive measures and believes that the sanctions have had adverse impacts on the Cuban people,” said he, “the US unilateral actions against Cuba are also a violation of rights and the legitimate interests of Cuban citizens.”

The NAM representative maintained, “NAM requests the United States one more time to submit to the majority of the international community will and correct its failed policy by complying to all United Nations resolutions in regard to the request for putting an immediate end to sanctions against Cuba.”

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