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Nasrallah: Imam Khomeini’s revolution shaped up based on people’s will

Lebanese Hezbollah Sec Gen Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said here Wednesday Imam Khomeini (P) had a comprehensive viewpoint on system and his revolution was shaped up along with and on people’s will.
Nasrallah: Imam Khomeini’s revolution shaped up based on people’s will.

Nasrallah made the comment at a commemoration service marking the 22nd demise anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini at Beirut’s UNESCO Hall, adding, “Today, like the previous years, we commemorate the memories and good reminders of Imam Khomeini (P) and would focus on achievements, moves, and life style of the imam that is the reminder of the grandeur of his personality and his thoughts.”
He added, “Among the most important achievements of Imam Khomeini (P) there is his full victory is bearing fruits of the Iranian revolution and toppling the mercenary Shah, and this achievement was greater than such objectives as establishing a government and a new system in place of the monarchy system.”
The Secretary General of Hezbollah reiterated, “The Imam led a perfect revolution all the way to full victory and the reason why his revolution is standing firm in confrontation with the entire threats and pressure till today is that it is based on the people’s will.”
Nasrallah said that the leadership of the supreme source of jurisprudence (Velayat-e Faqih) system is a truly elected political system that survives based on the continual will of the Islamic Republic’s people.
He said, “Today, as the Arab nations upraise in the region and stage their own revolutions, we will once again be inspired by the late Imam’s personality and biography.”
The secretary general of Hezbollah emphasized that throughout the 32 year old of the system it has had 31 elections so far, and this year, too, a parliamentary election is ahead.
He added, “The Supreme Leader in Iran abides by the IRI Constitution and to the country’s laws, and issues his orders within the framework of those two sets of regulations.”
Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah reiterated that in Iran the three branches of power are shaped up based on the people’s votes, adding, “The Parliament is very strong power in Iran and Supreme Leader supervises over all these powers, refraining from their intervention in each other’s affairs, but he never meddles in law making, or in judiciary verdicts.”
He said that the power is not in the hands of one person in Iran, a there are various institutes, all of which are under the supervision of the laws and accountable before it, as well as before the courts of justice and the Experts Council can interrogate the Supreme Leader in case he would make any mistake.
Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said, “Today we are witnesses to financial frauds of many presidents and their families, such as the 70 billion dollar wealth of one the 50 billion dollar hoard of another, but the late Imam Khomeini (P) left no material heritage for his wife and his offspring.”
He also referred to the statistics offered by an international institute based on which the scientific advancement in Iran is 250 times greater than the world index.
The Hezbollah Secretary General said that the political system of Iran is an “Islamic Republic” not that of the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence (Vali-ye Faqih), adding, “During the recent years some countries have tried to topple the objectives of the Islamic Ummah, and such concepts as martyrdom, resistance, and Jihad. They have meanwhile tried to present a dictator’s image of the Supreme Leader that intends to drag back the people to the Middle Ages era, but in fact the Leadership of the Supreme Jurisprudent differs greatly with a monarchy.”
He said that the spiritual leader in Iran is not an imposed authority, but the harmonizer of the various sections and the three branches of power of the Islamic Republic.
Nasrallah said that there is an American-Zionist plan aimed at disintegration of the regional countries, which had earlier faced defeat in the course of the 33 Day War, and is now in process in the region in the shape of a new scenario.
Regarding the internal affairs of Lebanon he stressed there is no one who is opposed to the establishment of a government in Lebanon, and on the contrary we all support its establishment and will back it up after establishment.

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