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Sayyed Nasrallah to speak on Friday


Hezbollah secretary-general will deliver a speech next Friday on the latest regional and Lebanese internal politics.
Al-Nahar daily reported yesterday that Seyed Hassan Nasrallah would deliver a speech in the occasion of religious ceremony of ‘War Invalid Day.’

Reportedly, Nasrallah will address the latest developments in politics and security issues including Al-Qusayr events. Hassan Nasrallah told during his last speech in May 25 that his party would no longer remain silent about the world war declared against Syria and the collapse of the most important axis of resistance by Takfiri groups.

Nasrallah was quoted to have said that if Syria fell to Takfiri groups hand or the US, Lebanon would be on siege, and Israel would attack it.

The leader of Hezbollah had emphasized in last speech that fighting Takfiris should not be interpreted as fighting Sunnis, and warned that no one could accuse resistance of sectarianism, since its records about Palestinian issue and Iraq was clear enough, and that they even fought along other Muslim groups in Bosnia.

Nasrallah promised victory in Al-Qusayr battle like 2006 war with Israel. Al-Qusayr battle started with Syrian heavy firing and Hezbollah’s ground advance in May 19, and they could render free the strategic city and cleared Takfiri terrorists from the city during 16 days of fighting.

Al-Qusayr has been a strategic city due to its location between Damascus and Mediterranean coasts which is Alawite-majority region. It was a center for trafficking arms and recruitment of fighters from Lebanese city of Arsal.

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