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Nasrallah: We would safeguard resistance with our blood

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah announcing his will to be martyred, said here Monday plotting against resistance is futile as Hezbollah would safeguard it with its blood.
According to IRNA from Beirut, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah made the comment at a mourning ceremony on the martyrdom anniversary of the 3rd Muslim Imam Hussain ibn-Ali (P) at Seyyed ul-Shuada Mosque in south of Beirut.

The Hezbollah secretary general added, ‘The Lebanese resistance movement which has remained faithful to its ideals resolutely for 28 years is the purest and most noble phenomenon within the Islamic world, because its roots are in the culture of Karbala and Imam Hussain (P), and therefore no plot and enmity has ever managed to weaken the resolute will and demands of its combatants.’

He added, ‘We do not ask for anything in return for our Jihad, seeking reward and payment merely from God; we do not seek roles in government, and if we have picked up arms and resorted to resistance it is because God has ordered us to do so.’

The Hezbollah secretary general said, ‘We will not depart from our sacred land so that the occupiers would capture it and God has ordered us not to remain silent when it would lead to being humiliated and not to permit the enemy to set foot in our land.’
Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah added, ‘We do not possess arms in order to exert our hegemony over the country, or to secure a position in the government. We attach no importance to governance, or to becoming a sultan, and we do not aim for them.’

He said, ‘It is the dream of every single one of us to join the master martyrs of the entire resistance, Martyr Seyyed Abbas Mousavi (the former Hezbollah Sec Gen), Martyr Sheikh Raqeb Harb, and Marty Haaj Emad Moqniyeh, and therefore, we say: do not plot against our arms.’

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said, ‘The objective of resistance is defending the people, the country, and the prestige and nobility of everyone, and the only thing we want in return is that the enemies would leave us alone and stop interfering in out work.’

He said, ‘Some people say they do not need our defense of them, which is because they do not consider israel as an enemy so that it would pose any threat against them; but those who consider israel as an enemy must also defend the weapons of the resistance.’

The Hezbollah secretary general said, ‘They wished to exert their hegemony over the resistance, but plotting against it bore no fruit for them.’

He said, ‘In the course of the 33 Day War we used to fast and we used to say we do not want assistance from anyone so that they would be urged to rush to us; our only wish was defending our country and its resorts effectively.’

Nasrallah added, ‘We favor the prevalence of peace in our country, justice, and reforms; even if these objectives would be secured by the others, and we would cooperate with anyone who would volunteer to secure them.’

He concluded his address arguing, ‘We wish that our national and Islamic unity would be preserved, because if the people would be united the country and the Islamic Ummah (nation) would gain strength, and that is the reason why we have resorted to resistance.’

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