NATO supports terrorists in Syria to achieve Mideast goals

f7ab9aa8e07233d9c49602419695286a_LAn Iranian MP says NATO has been lending support to the foreign-backed militants in Syria as part of a scenario to promote its interests across the Middle East.

According to Press TV on Wednesday, Seyyed Baqer Hosseini, member of Iran Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, argued that NATO has been the key supporter of the US and the opponents of the government of President Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian crisis.
He added: “NATO and the US officials have been supporting the terrorists in Syria in an attempt to achieve their objectives in the Middle East.”
The Iranian lawmaker stated that by stationing Patriot missiles in the Turkish cities of Kahramanmaras Adana and Gaziantep, “NATO seeks to sell more of its arms and also lend more support to the terrorists in Syria.”
Hosseini pointed to the economic progress of the Middle East region and warned that deployment of Patriot missiles on Turkish soil will turn the regional peace and tranquility into a state of war and prevent economic growth in the region.
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on December 21 that NATO’s advanced surface-to-air Patriot missiles will be deployed along the southeastern Turkish border with Syria.
Despite strong opposition from Russia, Syria and Iran, NATO approved Turkey’s formal request for the missile system on December 4 to defend its border with Syria.

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