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New inmate abuse by US troops aired

Newly-published Iraq war secrets by Wikileaks have revealed a large number of brutalities against Iraqi civilians, many recounting tales of abuse by coalition forces.

The field reports contain numerous official accounts of alleged detainee abuse by the multi-national troops in war-torn Iraq.

One such document dating back to September 2005 depicts the forces brutally kicking and stoning a farmer over allegations that he was planting an improvised explosive device.

The secret documents published by the whistleblower website over the weekend are a part of the nearly 400,000 classified reports about the US-led invasion of Iraq dating from January 2004 to the end of 2009.

The classified documents have shed light on a spate of crimes and offences committed in Iraq over the past few years, including rape, assassinations and murders.

The site has also exposed documents on the similar US-led war in Afghanistan and is expected to disclose additional related details.

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