New Iraqi PM sends message to Syrian President

The Presidency of the Syrian Republic announced on Wednesday, that President Bashar Al-Assad has received a message from the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, on “strengthening cooperation between the two countries.”

The presidential statement stated, “Al-Assad received a message from Al-Kazimi, which was transmitted by Faleh Al-Fayyad, the prime minister’s envoy, and head of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.”

It said: “The message centered on strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields, continuing consultations and coordination on developments in the political and security situations in the region, efforts to combat terrorism and enhancing border security between the two countries.”

It was emphasized during al-Assad’s meeting with the Iraqi envoy, according to the statement, that “defeating the terrorism that the Syrian and Iraqi peoples have suffered and are still suffering from, will only be at their hands and with the armies of the two countries who have achieved great achievements in this regard, and were able to liberate most of the lands that the terrorists were in control of them, despite the great external support they have received over the past years.”

The two sides affirmed that “the economic and security challenges facing the region and the dangerous external plans that are being drawn for it, require close cooperation between their countries in order to thwart these plans and put an end to foreign interference in its affairs.”

It is noteworthy that Falih al-Fayyad had met with Assad several times during the past years as a delegate of the heads of successive Iraqi governments.

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