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New video shows US police shot black man 45 times like ‘firing squad’


A new video footage shows brutality of US police against black people as eight police officers shot a mentally ill African-American man 45 times in Michigan.

The 49-year-old victim, Milton Hall, was killed by the officers in Saginaw in 2012.

The shooting aroused a local outcry and a federal investigation two years ago.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that released the video on Monday presented a testimony about the police shooting.

The video shows that eight police officers ringing the man in a parking lot with one dog growling at the poor man. Hall was not carrying any weapons except for a penknife. He was then shot by the officers 45 times and 14 of those shots struck him dead.

The ACLU gave the police dashboard footage to representatives of the Organization of American States in order to pressure the federal government to look at Hall’s death scene one more time.

In February, the Department of Justice said it could not find “sufficient evidence of willful misconduct” to prosecute the eight officers.

During the Monday hearing, Mark Fancher, a lawyer with the ACLU of Michigan, said the officers were likened a “firing squad” and slammed the Justice Department for not prosecuting them.

Fancher said the incident was “not only reckless, but clearly unjust, and also grossly violated Milton Hall’s human right to life.”

In an interview with Press TV last month, American political commentator Randy short said Washington’s population policy for African-Americans involves mass abortion, mass incarceration and an “incremental genocide” by the police.

Short said that not only American police officers are not punished for killing blacks but they are often “rewarded for murdering blacks.”

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