Nice to hear the Power of Hamas from zionist regime- Haaretz: Hamas Now More Powerful after Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Slaughterer Israeli daily, Haaretz, admitted in a report that the Palestinian Hamas movement has grown even more powerful after this movement could defeat the Zionist army in the recent 8-day war on Gaza.

Exactly 25 years after the road accident in the Jabalya refugee camp that started the first intifada, the Gaza Strip looked very different than it did in 1987. Hundreds of thousands of people came together to mark the anniversary of the establishment of Hamas, to celebrate the movement’s “victory” over Israel during Operation Pillar of Cloud (the recent Israeli 8-day war on Gaza) and, above all, to see in person the man who has marked his path to the presidency of Palestine some day: Khaled Mashaal.

Within a quarter of a century, Gaza, which had been under the control of Fatah and the various groups that make up the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), has become Hamastan, the first territory to fall to the Muslim brotherhood, Palestine branch, Haaretz said in a report.

This was without a doubt the largest rally Hamas has ever held. Masses of people filled Katiba Square in center-city Gaza, before a stage bedecked with a model of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and of the M-75 missile, like those fired at Tel Aviv during the last round of the conflict.

Hamas grew politically stronger as a movement that can survive a battle with Israel. The participation of Fatah in the Hamas celebrations is a sign of how major that political achievement is.

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