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North Korea Labels US ‘Most Heinous Human Rights Abuser’

The North Korean state media outlet denounced the US as manipulative and power-hungry for global dominance when it comes to human rights abuses.

“Human rights’ touted by the US are nothing but a trick to easily realize its wild ambition for dominating the world,” the KCNA expressed.

“The US is the most heinous human rights abuser in the world that severely disturbs the normal and peaceful development of sovereign states under the pretext of ‘human rights,'” it said.

The researcher contended that the US’ “hypocritical moves under the cloak of human rights” must be destroyed before the US realizes global dominance.

“No wonder, the US abuses the ‘human rights issues’ for putting political pressure on the anti-imperialist independent countries,” KCNA added, noting US human rights violations such as the decadeslong “blockade” on Cuba, which – in an attempt to hurt “China’s political stability” – resulted in “trillion dollars of damage” to the country’s people.

“Now many countries resolutely stand against the US human rights farce for curbing their development,” the outlet concluded.

The report comes in the wake of Pyongyang’s assertion that the US should be held accountable for the US-led coalition’s “gross violation of human rights”.

At the time, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry declared that the US mission gave rise to a number of “inhumane crimes” before it “came to an end with the hasty flight of US troops”.

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