North Korea tests anti-ship missile at sea

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency said that North Korea tested an anti-ship missile in early July as part of regular periodic exercises.

The agency quoted a South Korean army source as saying that this test was not reported in the media, as neither the South Korean side nor the North’s media announced the launch of the missile.

According to the source, a “sea-to-sea” missile was launched from a ship in the Sea of ​​Japan/East Sea on July 6, flying less than 100 km.

The type of missile is still unknown, while some media reported that it was a copy of the Soviet Kha-35 anti-ship missile.

“We consider this to be part of North Korea’s regular naval exercises,” said the representative of the South Korean Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense stated that the North Korean summer military exercises were launched at the beginning of July and have continued throughout the month.

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