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North Korea vows to boost military deterrence


As Washington’s threats grow more serious, North Korea says it will strengthen its military deterrence against the United States in every way.

The ruling communist party newspaper Rodong Sinmun has accused Washington of pushing ahead with the agenda of instigating a second Korean war.

‘The US military strong-arm policy towards the DPRK (North Korea) is a vivid manifestation of its extreme hostility towards the DPRK and its socialism and Washington’s sinister scenario for the second Korean war,’ the paper said.

It said the recent US announcement that it is building an enormous bunker buster is a vivid manifestation of its extreme hostility toward Pyongyang.

Rodong Sinmun said no progress could be made in denuclearizing the Korean peninsula as long as Washington’s strong-arm policy existed, vowing to ‘bolster up its war deterrence in every way.’

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