Notorious Military Commander of Terrorists Killed in Aleppo


The Syrian army killed a number of terrorists, including their military commander, in an operation against the militants in Western Aleppo.

The Syrian army’s missile and artillery units heavily pounded the terrorists’ positions and moves in Hawir al-Ais and al-Rashideen region in Western Aleppo in response to the terrorists’ missile strikes against the safe regions in 1070 residential area in al-Hamdaniyeh region of Aleppo.

Missile and artillery attacks were also launched against the terrorists’ positions in the towns of Zaitan and Khalseh in Southwestern Aleppo.

Field sources also reported that a number of terrorists, including one of their military commanders, namely Younes al-Shabli, was killed in al-Rashideen region during the Syrian army operations in Western Aleppo.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian army’s missile and artillery units opened heavy fire at terrorists’ positions in three regions in Western Aleppo, inflicting major losses on them.

The terrorists, deployed in Western Aleppo, launched missile attacks on residential areas in al-Hamdanieh district and the 3,000-unit Housing Project near Aleppo city, killing and wounding eight civilians.

The army’s artillery and missile units, in response, targeted terrorists’ positions in Bashantara, Hoor and Bashqatin regions in Western Aleppo, destroying several artillery platforms, launchers, cannons and positions of the terrorists.

A number of terrorists were killed in the army shelling.

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