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NSA penetrated by Israel, and who else


“Israeli spies have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined… They are the gravest threat to our national security.” – Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

“Life is tough, Pilgrim… and it’s even tougher if you’re stupid”… actor John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima.

The NSA’s going over to the Israelis by giving them a motherload of intelligence sparked the double quote today. The Bobby Inman one is a rare classic as we still had leaders in the 1980s who would level with the people about out real internal threats. What we are left with now is not fit to shine someone like Inman’s shoes.

We have a Homeland Security that warns us that returning War of Terror vets and constitutionalists have to watched closely as emerging threats. Who has time to wait for emerging threats? I want to catch some bad guys and hang them now before they make that illegal.

In my writing career I have always made an effort to challenge my readers, and one of the common threads has been in trying to get people to take ownership of a problem.

If our NSA has sold us out to the Israelis and their criminal mob friends, they must have total contempt for us. We have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the embarrassing question… “Have we been stupid?”

I am going to detail what a security disaster this data sharing with known criminals is for all Americans. The Obama presidency should fall over this, like going down an elevator shaft, but to be replaced with what, Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden?

I just checked quickly again but there is almost nothing in the American news about this story other than sourcing the Guardian article. Commentary, any framing or background… seems to be zero. How could a story like this be ignored?

A quick recap is in order for those who missed the initial story. The NSA is giving the Israeli signal intelligence people raw communications data streams for their analysis. The Israelis are on the ‘honor system’ for divulging if American names are identified, and if any Federal government communications are found, they are supposed to destroy them. But none of this is legally binding. Imagine that!

This is the classic loosely drawn up arrangement with lots of wiggle room for both parties to interpret however they need to if a problem pops up. And it puts Americans at great risk for a number of reasons.

First, Israel has long been involved in major industrial espionage operations all over the world. These are overt criminal activities which they do to fund their Intel overhead and make friends in high places by selling information they can’t use to someone else. Having access to large raw data streams can open the door to insider trading opportunities to make tons of money.

For example if you identified the auditors of some Fortune 500 companies you can get tipped off weeks in advance on a quarterly earnings report where you could make a fortune on shorting the stock or buying long. You could do this over and over and over once you had the key people identified. Big business executives talking about a merger or acquisition would be example.

Israeli Intel has formal partnerships with large financial firms and hedge funds they ‘assist’, and to whom they sell information or do profit sharing arrangements. Access to these NSA data streams is a goldmine that never runs out of gold, with the added bonus that the whole arrangement is hidden behind top security classifications.

So the public and legal business community routinely get robbed and pilfered by Intel operatives teaming up with market traders to game everything from financial instruments to the commodities markets. To my knowledge no counter intelligence division has ever broken up one of these networks How could they? No one has broken up an Israeli network since anyone can remember.

Next we move on to intellectual property, designs for new products, technology breakthroughs etc. where tons of this information is flowing over the internet. Any enterprising Intel group that could snap this up could do a land office business helping others avoid high research and development costs.

Israel was so aggressive with military and nuclear espionage in the 1980s, their heyday, that 50% of our counter intelligence people were tied up chasing them around, only to have the prosecutions often stopped by political interference due to not wanting to ’embarrass an ally’.

We have interviewed more than a few hard working FBI people who quit in disgust when they saw the obstruction of justice when it came to Israelis. It’s a 30-year national scandal.

This brings us to the defense industry risk of this brain dead sharing deal. I mentioned above that Federal government communications were supposed to have been cleaned out of the data turned over. But a huge number of defense contractors who are all over the world are having their communications sucked up by NSA, and then being turned over to the Israelis. That would be a gold mine for Israeli Intel, not only to use but to sell to interested parties.

The backdrop for all of this is the power of data mining which can do incredible things. But you really need large databases for it to be effective. A huge amount can be obtained from commercial vendors as people would be shocked to learn how much of their information is for sale on the open market.

Next, someone like Israel has their own illegally gotten material through their own espionage, and then on top of that the NSA decides to play Santa Claus and give them a lot more, what they have not already been stealing from us.

This allows them to keep building their main databases so they become more and more powerful… and a bigger threat than they already are. And in this particular case they are protected from any Jonathan Pollard type scandals because the NSA is just handing it over to them. They are in effect transferring American sovereignty to a country widely known to be a major offensive espionage threat. You just can’t make this stuff up.

This Snowden revelation was not really a surprise for those who have been around this business. Glenn Greenwald used the 911 anniversary to pull the tail of the NSA by putting the formal Israeli agreement out there for us all to read.

Has Congress been aware of this, or at least the leaders? I saw no media banging their doors down today, or the public for that matter. What else like this is going on that they are hiding behind security classifications, and are the people minding the store with us, or the Israelis? Suspicious Americans would like to know, but they don’t trust their government to investigate itself.

So this incident was another nail in the coffin being built for the demise of our country, where the government is deemed a threat and danger to all. They can do almost anything they chose, hide it behind security classifications or subcontract it out to someone like Israel who is outside our legal jurisdiction.

The Obama administration is already facing a double challenge of aiding and abetting a major terrorist operation in Syria with a huge number of victims. They then doubled down on their bad bet by using what most feel was an obvious false flag gas attack to trigger using a direct US military intervention to break the Syrian Army momentum in re-securing their country.

There are many Americans who would like to see criminal prosecutions for the carnage that has been created by those responsible for it, including our allies and those in our own government. It has been an ongoing crime against humanity and disgraced our country. The latest poll shows 75% of the serving military does not trust their civilian leadership.

And now, on top of all that, we have to worry about the loyalty of our Intelligence services, trusting the Israelis despite their terrible espionage history here to have our raw data streams to analyze. It is a sad sad state of affairs for America.

The people have no independent investigative, prosecution and judicial entity to take on a penetrated and co-opted government. That only leaves 50 million Americans hitting the streets for an American Spring and hooking up with the military to clean house and start over. But maybe we are too stupid, like John Wayne said, and doomed to endure, without a cure.

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