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Number of New York City homeless reaches at record high


The number of homeless people in New York City has hit a new record high of over 60,000 amid the city’s plummeting temperatures and freezing cold.

A state of emergency has been declared in New York City as Arctic air continues to blanket the city.

While residents are being advised to stay home, the main emergency measure this year has been an increase in homeless outreach.

New Yorkers have been pouring into the city’s homeless shelters, bringing the number of homeless people to a new record high of 60,352, which includes 25,640 kids in families, according to the Coalition for the Homeless.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has struggled with the continuing surge, notably the number of children at risk.

The rate of homelessness increased 70 percent when Michael Bloomberg was the mayor of the city.

A federal Housing Department report said homelessness in the United States reached its highest levels in 2013 since the Great Depression.

According to the report, 610,042 people experienced homelessness in 2013.

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