Nusra Front terrorists claim bombings in Syria’s Homs

Nusra Front terrorists claim bombings in Syria's HomsThe main al-Qaeda terrorist affiliate in Syria has claimed responsibility for the two latest car bombings in a government-held civilian neighborhood of the central city of Homs that left at least 10 people dead.

The al-Nusra Front made the claim in a statement posted Monday on its Internet-based Twitter feed.

The bombings occurred on Sunday, weeks after the foreign-backed insurgents and government forces agreed to a truce that allowed for the evacuation of armed militants from the besieged sections of the war-ravaged city.

This is while opposition activists in Homs have been cited in press reports as expressing concerns that the terrorist attacks may threaten a similar agreement that is being negotiated in the nearby militant-held area of al-Waar.

On Friday, the two sides struck a three-day truce in al-Waar to allow for complete withdrawal of armed insurgents in the area.

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