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NY demonstrators protest US police brutality


Thousands of demonstrators have marched the streets of Staten Island New York, honoring Eric Garner and others who died in police custody.The protest organized by civil rights activist Rev.
Al Sharpton was termed as the “We Will Not Go Back March” and started at Victory Boulevard and Bay Street, the scene of Garner’s chokehold death during his arrest for selling un-taxed cigarettes.Participants then marched to the District Attorney’s office, calling for justice in the death of Garner. The march was led by the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, an 18-year-old who also died at the hands of the police in Ferguson, Missouri recently.Demonstrators from all walks of life joined to pay their respect to those who have been killed as a result of police brutality, many traveled from nearby cities and towns to have their voices heard. Prior to the rally a statement was issued by Eric Garner’s family urging demonstrators to keep the peace, as anything else would contradict with the message they were trying to send to the police and the local government. Many shops however decided to stay closed, as the police issued their own warning that they could not guarantee their safety. A grand jury will hear evidence next month in the Eric Garner case, potentially forcing the police officers involved in his death to testify under oath. The death has already been ruled as a homicide.

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