Old school dictatorship not working in Sudan anymore: Pundit

The Sudanese people will no longer accept old school dictatorship imposed on the society by the government of President Omar al-Bashir, says a commentator.


In a televised speech on Friday, al-Bashir urged lawmakers to postpone controversial constitutional amendments, dissolved the central government, and declared a one-year state of emergency amid massive protests against poor living conditions.

Riaz Karim, director of the Veritas Center for Strategic Studies, told Press TV on Saturday that al-Bashir “has been in power for about 30 years now and Sudan is more of a dictatorship than anything else,” but “people started to get more educated and the old school dictatorship is not working anymore, although he keeps on blaming everything on different elements, but the truth of the matter is that this generation is not standing for it and they will keep on sustaining this until and unless they get a result that they want.”

Another interviewee in Press TV’s News Review program, Lawrence Freeman, African policy analyst, said that “the [Sudanese] people are suffering,” while, “he (al-Bashir) thinks he can call the shots and that dictate what is going on and the policy without any opposition or disagreement.”

PressTV-Sudan’s Bashir puts term-extension bid on hold


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