One killed in fresh Paris shooting


A new shooting incident occurred in the French capital on Thursday morning as a nationwide manhunt targeting the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attack continues.

A man armed with an automatic weapon opened fire in a southern Paris suburb, wounding a traffic agent and a female police officer. The officer later died of her wounds, and the traffic agent is in critical condition. The shooter has not yet been apprehended.

Newspaper Libération reports that the two were heading to investigate a traffic accident in Montrouge near Porte de Châtillon around 8:19, when shots were fired. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve later arrived at the scene of the event, urging “restraint…and responsibility”. According to police sources, there is no established link between yesterday’s attack and this incident yet.

Earlier this morning, a bomb exploded at a kebab restaurant in Villefranche-sur-Sâone near Lyon. The incident was of “criminal origin” according to prefectoral sources, but Villefranche mayor Bernard Perrut stated that it might be connected to the Charlie Hebdo attack. “I’m afraid this is related to the dramatic incident we had on Wednesday”, Perrut said to regional daily Le Progrès. A mosque in Le Mans was also targeted with grenades and at least one gunshot without reports of injuries.

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