Originally Zionist Saudi King belatedly confesses fostering terrorism


With Syrian army spreading its control on large parts of Syria, Saudi King has demanded severe punishment for those brainwashing Saudi youth to fight for Al Nusra Front in Syria.
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has met a group of Saudi administrative and religious officials on Tuesday. King had reportedly told the meeting that “I have heard that some individuals deceive our young people, foster hatred in them, and prison would not suffice for their punishment.”

“Those who deceive our children should face severe punishments,” the King said in part of his address. The King’s confession came while since the outbreak of crisis in Syria since two years ago; hundreds of Saudi nationals have entered Syria with the provocation and encouragement by extremist Wahhabist sheikhs and help of Salamis groups to fight Syrian army.

Mansour al-Turki, Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman has said in response to a question about the number of Saudi nationals fighting in Syria that “I do not think that their number is so high.” In March 24, he had claimed that the Ministry carried out interrogation of those who travel Syria and prevents their exit; and those who traveled already, would be interrogated immediately upon arrival in country.

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