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Over 5 million people without power after tornado hits Ohio

A huge tornado that has struck the US state of Ohio left more than 5 millions more without power, the country’s National Weather Service has announced.

The service said on Tuesday plowed through the town of Dayton on Monday night, damaging homes and uprooting trees. Several people have been injured but no deaths reported so far, according to AFP. 

Weather officials said the tornado caused more 70,000 power outages across the US state of Ohio, affecting millions of people and parts of the state faced the risk of flash flooding in the wake of the storm. 

“We have lost power to both water plants and pump stations. First Responders are performing search and rescue operations and debris clearing,” the official account for the city of Dayton tweeted.

Officials in Montgomery County said emergency workers shut down gas lines and were busy in rescuing the residents trapped by debris.

This was the third tornado in a week to hit the central United States. 

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he had offered federal help to clean up the state.

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