Pakistan’s fleet docks at Iran’s Bandar Abbas port on friendly visit


A Pakistani naval fleet has berthed in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas on a friendly four-day visit to further improve military relations and good neighborliness between the two countries.

The Pakistani peace and friendship flotilla, comprised of PNS Khaibar, PMSS Zhob, PNS Madadgar and PNS Rah Naward, docked at the Iranian port on Sunday.

An Iranian Navy commander, Mojtaba Mohammadi, said the Pakistani fleet’s crew planned to meet with local Iranian Navy officials, attend joint cultural and training courses, and visit naval facilities in Bandar Abbas.

He added that Iran has so far dispatched several fleet to Pakistan with the purpose of strengthening cooperation between the two neighboring countries.

The 43rd flotilla of the Iranian Navy participated in a joint relief and rescue drill with Pakistani naval forces in waters off the port city of Karachi in October 2016.

Iran, Pakistan hold joint naval drill

Several exercises were carried out during the joint maneuver such as search and rescue training, helicopter vertical reference training, telecommunication exercises using flags, lights, radiographs, and the formation and combination of the surface vessels of Iran and Pakistan according to pre-determined scenarios.

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