Pakistan’s PM Khan vows ‘fullest possible response’ to India over Kashmir

Khan said in a statement on Friday that the global community would be responsible for any “catastrophic” aftermath in Kashmir.

“I have informed the world that Pakistan does not want war, but at the same time, Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to the challenges posed to its security and integrity,” Khan said.

 “We are prepared to give the enemy the fullest possible response. Failing, the world community will be responsible for the catastrophic aftermath,” Khan added.

The Muslim-majority Himalayan region has been in a crippling lockdown since New Delhi announced it was removing the region’s special status on August 5th.

Since then, India has flooded the region with security forces, drawing criticism from the people of Kashmir and Pakistan as well as some human rights groups.

The move has also prompted exchange of fire between the two sides across the militarized de facto border in Kashmir valley.

PressTV-In Kashmir, there's heavy trade of fire again

In Kashmir, there’s heavy trade of fire againAccording to an Indian official, “The exchange of fire is going on.”

The region is divided between India, which rules the populous Kashmir valley and the region around Jammu city, and Pakistan which controls a piece of territory in the west.

The two nuclear-armed neighbors have fought three wars over the territory.

India regularly accuses Pakistan of arming and training militants and allowing them to cross the restive frontier. Pakistan strongly denies the allegations.

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